get smart.

With the rising costs of energy, every home owner should be considering some form of automation especially if building a new home. As a Certified URC Total Control and Elan Home Systems dealer, the AVI Group can make your new home a “smart” home.

The responsibility of building “Green” homes has become the norm in today’s environment. The AVI Group has developed a system design that will help save our clients a tremendous amount of money in energy savings by controlling lighting and HVAC systems in addition to integrating smart systems for irrigation, exterior landscape lighting and pool and spa control systems.

Most home owners can recall a handful of times when they left for a long weekend or a vacation only to realize they forgot to activate the security system, turn off the air conditioning or turn on some of the lights in the house so it looks as though someone is home. What if you could make all those adjustments remotely with your laptop, tablet or smart phone? The AVI Group has a system that will do just that. In fact you can monitor the interior and exterior of your home, check the thermostat temperature and disarm the alarm system so your neighbor can come by and water the plants for you.

Call the AVI Group today to find out how you can start saving energy. We will be happy to assess the possibility of retrofitting your current home or design a system that’s tailored to your new home.